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Facing humanity today and for the first time, an endless sea of ​​chaos (creative)

Written by: Paolo Sensini

Translation and editing: the owner Wasti

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The events in which we live today and which represent us, “our present pension,” show us today are more blurred and the darkness as if it is surrounded by a halo of mystery and lack of understanding. Vhadharna may be found today is subject to the media that their owners can convince others of what they see are not others even though those visions are not identical, and the same reality. It is enough that the media organization to “repeat” the news on the public to be able to convince them what you want.Valoadiologgiot or “ideological shear”, which was the most common in the life of the times feature starting from the mid-nineteenth century until the beginning of the second millennium, which was the focus of events affecting the lives of communities, ie, in the lives of millions of people the source actor the president is no longer today in the drafting of the events and their interaction.

Journal of the Affairs Foreign Research Center CFR has worked in the summer of 1993 to confirm this perception through strategic published an important article for the researcher in political science Samuel Huntington Samuel P. Huntington, Harvard University under the title of “The Clash of Civilizations? “. The sap of this research is concentrated in saying that it is really a pity that we get to the end of the cold war between the states !, but that does not mean that never forget about the existence of other cultural nature of conflicts awaiting a final solution to her? Such as the conflict between Islam and the West Asian Bamgah the owner of the cultural identity of the Jewish and Christian dimensions.

The expectations of Huntington, who joined at the end of the eighties of the last century to a team of researchers assigned under the supervision of Fred C. Iklé and Albert Wohlstetter write a report known as “deterrence of ethnic and racial excellence” – … Discriminate Deterrenceî who predicted the sustainability of future armed conflicts to be taken from the conflict among civilizations, the cause of the juggler. They are no longer conflicts between states or between the North and the South or between classes or between the capitalist system and communism also will not be generated as a result of differing or conflicting economic interests, as is thought to those who believe in the theory of … Paradigma Luttwakî, which believes that economic hegemony will replace political dominance.

When Samuel Huntington made in the publication of the famous essay was not his intention to offer brief historical knowledge accumulated over years of research, but the main goal in this article is to give an answer strategy the following question: “How can divide the world in order to impose an absolute dominance it?” . In answer to his question that sees any conflict that Huntington was an existing conflict in the three main fields of knowledge, at least not abbreviated only the economic and social fields. This model is required to move from consideration to armed conflicts as conflicts confined to the social and economic fields to look at the multiplicity of fields where conflicts breed, including regional differences. This necessarily generates conflicts characterized by Bdemomtha as a result of the complexity of the causes and the multiplicity and its expansion in the corridors of history that reveals itself in the zonal conflicts confirm no doubt as permanent conflicts can not escape them and make it the leading state to be committed to not tilt to one party or another, to the large number of litigants and not abbreviation of the conflict in both parties clear only. This perception makes the superpower army is not necessarily bound to create military alliances, but that it is the task of containment for all conflicting parties and to draw future conflicts paths.

This new vision can be translated by working to dismantle associated with the nation-state sovereignty over the internationally recognized and move to create entities based in the ethnic and sectarian key feature of the new presence and ultimately become yard work easy and accessible to the policy of the US State Great geographical area.

These structural in the perceptions of Huntington, but the proposals were not subject to criticism, as described by the San Franjsko Kronkal in one of the editions issued in September 2001, after the events of 11 September directly, which I went to point with some innuendo to say that the hot areas of the garrison of the terrorists map in the Middle East and Asia who were the cause of the events of 11 September came identical to map areas that are today major areas of energy sources in the twenty-first century.

energy resources

The desire for total domination of the sources of energy as you see the newspaper is the most likely cause of the conflict and not simply it is a conflict between Islam and the West. This desire is the main cause of sparking the war that will last for more than tens of years, “adds the newspaper, saying:” It is natural that many believe that the war against terrorism is a war on behalf of the trans-American continents, companies such as Chevron and Exxon-Mobil and Arco, French Total -Fina-Elf, British and German Britsh Petroleum Royal Dutch Shell and other companies global. These companies that have invested hundreds of billions of dollars in these important areas as key areas in the export of energy. Clearly visible is where al-Qaeda and its affiliates or the activities of the terrorist movement emerged from the work under different denominations intensify the presence of US forces and its allies and flowed into the economic and financial companies with global influence to those areas. What you want to achieve US policy is evident in it through the application of “creative chaos” theory can re-design and structure of the new world order. Who sees with regard to the Middle East to rebuild the whole region again in small states characterized by her difference, “ethnic, sectarian and tribal,” any new geographic plate of cut mosaic that are associated with each geography of hostility and conflict permanent described by the philosopher Ortega y Gasset, barbaric societies that industry tend in the best condition to build a society free of social infrastructure and human ties that are the first step in building modern societies.

However, we must know that the “creative chaos theory” does not mean absolute chaos, but is required to recognize and accurately the first circumstances to bring about or what might be called a point of departure, taking into account that the manifestations of this theory comes from the inherent attractive activities are in the strange nature falling within first perceptions. Fmartn Saif Martin Sieff, head of analysis department in the magazine The Globalist, has noticed a change in “international relations” took a system where foreign policies applied behavioral paths matching the model Trotskyite … trockistaî, while approaching the internal politics of the full similarity and order Alastalina. Foreign policy is working to sustain support for “permanent revolution” until the full realization of democracy, while integrated internal politics paths behave harassment, marginalization and impoverishment of the ordinary man down to beguile all his rights on behalf of the individual property. (In Italy, for example, there is a big campaign on the retarded in the payment of taxes similar to Alastalinah campaign against citizens who accuse not complete loyalty to the regime. ”

Foreign policy has required the principle of support for the “color revolutions” any “ongoing revolution” means, in fact, armed and lasting hostility to the countries and communities that are described as hostile and heterogeneous with the new international order, while the application of an internal policy based permanent control and organization-like in their behavior and the KGB or the Gulag who were key officials on the implementation of the “scientific socialism” program. Foreign policy is therefore integrated propaganda for freedom and democracy for all, while domestic politics contribute to mute freedoms and opposition voices.

The main problem in the “creative chaos theory” also refers its expert research strategy is Alain Joxe that humanity is facing today for the first time by sea of ​​chaos is not logical end. We all face the chaos of the day are not going to build a new system, but are going to reproduce the ongoing chaos as what posed the most control of international financial institutions in human life is full submission to the empire of creative chaos.

Project state

We have to say first that this state, “the State of Israel” enjoys an economic and military support to US and diplomatic not enjoyed by any other country and this return to the role and the dominance of the Jewish lobby on the American political decision-making institutions, The report of the US Congress on the fifth January 2006, indicates that Israel has I got since 1948 until today more than 250 billion dollars in aid launched a form of aid and loans simplified payment but the fact in-kind says that the aid paid to the Jewish state has exceeded this figure is much, because this state has received additional aid exceptional outside a accounts Meh confined between three to four billion dollars a year. It is for the enjoyment of its political weight and clear in the American political climate becomes a dependent role in US foreign policy. In the month of February, from 1982, he published one Israeli journalists close to the Prime Minister of Tel Aviv, Oded Yinon, an article in the newspaper Kivunim (the newspaper that adopts the principles of the Jewish-Zionist movement), in which he announced in a clear and detailed strategy of Israel in the Middle East for years in the eighties and nineties of the century the past. (This article was first published in Hebrew and then reprinted after it was translated into English by Israel Shahak, under the title of “the Zionist project of the Middle East” and that in 1982 within the research publications issued by Blmut University). This project is in reality depends first two main paths entitled “for the survival of Israel”, and required the title of the Jewish state to become an imperial power in the Middle East region. The second track was needed by Israel to work in the dismantling and fragmentation of Arab states through the fragmentation of their countries to the states a small rival built on the principle of ethnicity and sectarian and tribal and this new creation will make these new States ally and compliance of the Jewish state, which bear the responsibility of caring for the new baby and sustain countries.

This project, which began work drafted under the supervision of the government of David Ben-Gurion, aims, as illustrated by our drafting writer to re-divide Arab areas and the abolition of the existing borders and building a small mini-states on the basis of creed and ethnicity, which must have to be in this case in a permanent state of conflict with including but it will be what it will shift their conditions under the supervision and care of the Jewish state, which finally took the show as an intermediary and given to some of the parties to the conflict. The new in this project also shows us the article book is to launch the project publicly and published through the media as the writer says: “What we want – can be read by everyone – is to the Arab world combination in small states can not only acceptance under the auspices of the Governorship State Hebrew and this is our main goal! ”

The achievement of this goal, as you see Livia Rokach daughter of Israel Rokach Israeli Minister of the Interior in the government of Moshe Sharett, is to do to activate the “propaganda media daily” program is not subject to the principle of military censorship of the media in the State of Israel, contributes to creating a spirit of hostility in the Israeli citizen to national enemy of during the condensation in the presentation of images and media reports showing the barbarism of the enemy as the program to broadcast images and other reports confirm that the dialogue for peace with the enemy does not explain by the enemy only on the weakness of the Jewish state. This propaganda campaign aimed at the media, in fact, to create an ideal psychological environment that allows Israeli society to move to a situation where the community is ready to support a new policy reshaping the collective moral principles and the establishment of new concepts in line with the objectives of the program itself. And the Jewish state on the other hand to carry out its mission in creating conflicts within the Arab region known use of military policy model as “revenge.”Terrorism and revenge must become supreme values ​​in the package of collective values ​​of society and become sacred values ​​in Israeli society. The Jewish state in order to achieve this goal must provide him the victim of the Israelis in order to pave the way for the acceptance of the idea of ​​”revenge.”

A new beginning

The years of the fifties of the last century, a new beginning to create a state-based terrorism sacred fundamental principle in its struggle against Arab societies. What it was brought by the writer Yinon were not only ideas harmonious Zionist project in the first of his daughters, where he was asked not vague, but on the contrary, it was clear no resemblance to any confusion, but he felt the need to start implementing the first steps of the fragmentation of the Syrian state to small states then move to Iraq and to dismantle it is similar to dismantle the Lebanese state and this is the main goal of the progress of the State of Israel. The Syrian state is represented in the states identity difference, ethnic and sectarian makes it possible to take place on its soil Shiite top state along the coast and in the city of Aleppo and its environs can establish a Sunni state and other Sunni state in Damascus hostile to the state of Aleppo Sunni The Druze, it is possible for them to build a Druze state on the hills of the Golan Heights, and these hills belonging to us as that the state can focus its presence in Horan area north of Jordan. As for Iraq, which is characterized by the enormous oil wealth, and he is torn socially candidate in the goals of the Jewish state states. Vtvkeckh of the main objectives of the project, but that Iraq is greater than those occupied by the Syrian state importance. Iraq is stronger than Syria already, so the outbreak of any Arab – Arab internal conflict will facilitate our task and shorten the path to achieve the goal to be Iraq, but it is divided into small states, as is the case that our perception of him, that is located in Syria, which Iraq is like Lebanon today. In Iraq, can the birth of small states adopt the principle of the unity of ethnic doctrine of any return to the Ottoman divisions of the region, so Iraq is fragmented in three states revolve capitals in the cities steeled so like Mosul, Baghdad and Basra, and that the Shiite areas of southern Iraq are totally separate from the Sunni and Kurdish regions. Here we must mention that this article was published in the month of February in 1982, ie, at a time when the adoption of the view of the writer is actually difficult and should also refer to the ability of this strategic analysis in drawing futures region as Iraq after its invasion of before the British and American two countries in 2003, the promise of this prediction appear to eye on the reality of Iraqi territory or approaching perceptions of the writer began.

To achieve this project, Israel played an important role in creating the right conditions for the invasion of Iraq in 2003, it had before the invasion of leaking package of information and reports through private channels to decision institutions in the United States, including the American press described by some as serious about the production of weapons of mass destruction program in Iraq has raised these reports and information psychologically strained collectively after they have been dealt with in the media, which made Saddam Hussein’s personal horrific in describing a new Hitler, where it became to be eliminated at the cost of important sacrifices.Which also raises interest as revealed by Elliott Abrams, one of the flags of Zionist racism which condemned Jews wishing to marry outside the community, which is influential in the decision of American institutions, personalities, where he said: “The victory of the United States in the Cold War and the victory in the Gulf War have contributed to effectively contribute to the creating what the situation in the Middle East today, and the results of those policies the weakness of the Syrian government, which will be forced to leave its ally Iran and dragging to the conclusion of a final agreement on drawing its southern border with the State of Israel and the fall of Saddam Hussein, there have not seen any influential force strategy in the region, with the exception of Israeli-Turkish alliance.

In June 1996, a team of neo-conservatives can be described as militants have held important positions in the US administration institutions such as Richard Perle and Douglas Feith and James Colbert and others, published a document entitled to Benjamin Netanyahu, who was then the post of prime minister of the Israeli government under the title: … a Clean Break: a new strategy for Securing the Realmî, any new strategy to ensure security.See it as “that Israel will intensify joint cooperation with the Turkish state and the Kingdom of Jordan in order to contain the expected threats” as the document confirmed that stopped Oozlo military invasion of Iraq, Syria and Iran, the peace project, and Lebanon is only the first steps in the re-drafting of the new Middle East map, which will be the absolute domination of Israel. But Netanyahu did not pay explicit attention to these tips, though both started and Perle and Feith Wurmser to activate effective pressure on the Bush administration’s government campaign in order to adopt the US administration implement the goals of this document. This new situation is pushing Akiva Eldar, a journalist newspaper Haaretz to describe both and Perle Feith: “that they are walking a fine line separating the principles of the US government and Israeli interests. This description brings us back to years ago where Moshe Dayan said: “The Americans, our friends give us financial and military support as they give us advice, but we accept them financial and military support and reject their advice.”

All this did not stand a barrier that a group of neo-conservatives in the direct and intense pressure to topple the Baghdad government, the use of force and these activities have had their effect before Bush assume the helm of the presidency of the US

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